5B&Co. Candlemakers

Award-Winning Scented Candles

5B&Co. Candlemakers is locally owned, operated and loved. Our candles are hand poured by us (and only us) to insure the highest quality.

Over 100 unique scents are created at 5B&Co. with the best fragrance experience in mind. We also create special scents for special occasions. Just ask!

Located in Missouri, 5B&Co. Candlemakers hand pours over 175 uniquely fragranced candles onsite at two Kansas City locations. Our candles are a high quality, American made product with the best oils, clean burning wax, and lead free cardboard cored wicks. 5B candles never smell industrial or look mass produced (because they aren’t). We also use recycled glass when possible.  Do you have an old vessel you would like us to pour a little fragrant wax in?  Call us and we will give you all details!

5B&Co. candles burn cleanly for at least 15 hours and scent a large area.  We never, ever pour grumpy or out of sorts and that happiness goes home with you in the form of a flicker!

Candles are a part of every important event. Include 5B&Co. superior candles for your special days.  Or make your ordinary day special, because we believe everyday is a special day!


5B Scent of the Month Club

Join our “Scent-of-the-Month” club ~ the gift that keeps on giving! We will ship ONE DOZEN highly scented votives, every month or every other month, to your favorite friends, loved ones or even to you! You choose! Our “Scent of the Month” Club is the perfect gift idea for Valentines Day, Christmas, Birthdays and more! Bonus? DISCOUNTED SHIPPING!  Save on gas – Never run out of our addictive candles – Try something new – Be the best gift giver EVER! Get it now - 6 Months! | 12 Months

Sample “Scent-of-the-Month” Selection

December Variety
  • 2 Frosted Spruce
  • 2 Bayberry
  • 2 Candy Cane
  • 2 Frankincense & Myrrh
  • 2 Santa Baby
  • 2 Mary Did You Know?
Details: Candles will usually be shipped mid~month. They will be selected with that months holiday or season in mind. Upon check-out, you will be asked to provide a shipping address for delivery and any special note you want included with the shipment. Get it now - 6 Months! | 12 Months
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